I'm not sure when my next public performance will be, but I see the light of live music shining over the horizon.  I hope I'll soon have real events to share with you, both online and in person.  Stay tuned!

If you want to help support music and musicians, please consider streaming or buying music from the websites of artists you like.  My music is available here (and at the pages linked in More Music), if you like it let me know!


Chris Hersch & the Moonraiders have a new album, Space Lasso

It was a blast making this unique blend of "honky-tonk space trucker jazz" with some great musicians.

Moonraiders Space Lasso.jpg

One of the greatest joys of playing live music is having the opportunity to hear my bandmates play surprising and inspiring things nightly.  I've missed that recently, so I revisited some of my older projects just to get a sense of that again.  I'd like to shout out Obscure Sorrows by Ryan Carraher, which features some truly beautiful drumming by Steve Wilkinson.  Check it out!

Gregory Toro

Photo by Richard A Chase